Singita Sasakwa

Price : € 1900aprox per night

Serengeti National Park, Grumeti Reserves, Tanzania


There are dozens of safari camps as romantic as this, and sited in places as rich in wildlife. But Sasakwa isn’t a camp. It’s the most elegant boutique bush hotel on the African continent: a glamorous colonial-style, no-expense-spared Tanzanian outpost for those who want to see wildlife without giving up an ounce of comfort. Rooms are little villas, with plunge pools and sumptuous modern interiors by South African style gurus Cécile & Boyd. Food is as delicate and fresh as any fine-dining establishment (orange-yolked eggs benedict, Norwegian smoked salmon, mango crème brûlée), but served under trees, on lamplit verandas or in silver-strewn dining rooms. When guests don’t fancy going on safari with expert guides, there are spa rooms, tennis courts, infinity pools and, for proficient riders, fine horses on which to gallop alongside giraffe or mingle with tens of thousands of wildebeest as they snort and chomp. Or there are planters’ chairs, festooned with feather cushions, from which to soak up the spectacular views of the Serengeti, and the privilege of being one of only 98 guests within 350,000 hectares of private reserve.