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Top 30 Hotels In The World

€1900aprox per night
Singita Sasakwa
Serengeti National Park, Grumeti Reserves, Tanzania 2
€800aprox per night
€300aprox per night
Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2
€450aprox per night
Crosby Street Hotel
New York, United States 2
€300aprox per night
Inkaterra La Casona
Cusco, Peru 2
€1800aprox per night
Iniala Beach House
Natai Beach, Phuket, Thailand 2
€1100aprox per night
Southern Ocean Lodge
Kangaroo Island, South Australia, Australia 2
€180aprox per night
The Taj Mahal Palace
Mumbai, India 2
€450aprox per night
Nihi Sumba
Sumba, Indonesia 2
€400aprox per night
The Upper House
Hong Kong China 2

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